It's the People, not the Place

Out the window from where I am sat writing this post, there are incredible mountains and evergreens obstructing my view of the small town, Banff. There's not much to complain about when I'm in the rockies- besides the -30 weather haha.

Even though Banff is one of the least boring places there is, seeing it with people that matter the most to me has made it even more exciting.

In the couple days I've been here, I haven't been to a single tourist attraction (the ones that cost way more than they should kinda attractions). Instead, my mum, dad, sister and I have been walking up and down the snowy streets.

And the little things about being here really ease my anxieties away.

At 8am the town is quiet and the sky is calm. Banff avenue is usually packed with tourists and shoppers, but in the winter things are different, empty. It's nice. Like how the sun reflects off the sharp edges of the mountains and through the sheer curtains of our hotel room.

Oh, and the cute names of every single road- bear street, birch avenue, mountain lane...

During golden hour we drove around and found stunning trails that we walked along, and because it was stupidly cold out, it didn't take long for my hands to freeze. My hair even turned grey with frost at one point!

There was this one site that was up pretty high- I think the reason why I loved it so much was because the sun looked gorgeous peeking through the mountains, and the entire place gave me a nice sense of calm. I almost wish Cookie was here to see it with me.

It's the people you see a place with that really matters.

How about you guys?

How have the people you've been with made a place really fun and exciting?

Wishing you all a super fun 2017- with super fun people!

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