New Wardrobe Pieces + A Photoshoot!

Every girl has to do a huge shopping spree at least once in her life, right?

One of those sprees where you reach for anything that catches your eye, where you even try on that one totally-out-of-the-ordinary-piece you've always wanted to try on, even though you already know it wouldn't look good on you.

Hello, ruffle-sleeved tops, I'm looking at you...

You know it was a successful shopping day when those bright red lines on your forearms are left behind from all of the damage.

Sometimes indulging yourself a little bit more than usual is just what you need to redefine your personal style. At least, that's what I desperately needed, haha!

I swear since summer ended, I've completely forgotten what my "personal style" even is, and I have a feeling it'll be one of those things that always change- just as the seasons change, and just as my personal tastes change.

I actually filled my closet with its much-needed basics, as well as a graphic tee and ripped denim for good measure. Now I just have to add a little more variety in colour and styles...

If life isn't black in white, why does your closet have to be?

Whenever people ask me what kind of styles I'm like to wear, my mind goes straight to the one outfit I wear the most- ripped jeans and a hoodie. Not exactly Gigi Hadid on the runway, is it?

Now thinking about it, I gravitate towards a lot of street-style and athleisure kind of outfits.

I don't know about you, but I feel like I can be the pickiest person when it comes down to clothes. It's like there's a series of questions that run through my head that have to be answered before I can buy it.

 5 Questions That Make Me Question My Clothing Choices:

1. Is the price worth the quality?
2. Is the quality nice and weighted?
3. Would I actually wear this often, or would it just hide in my closet lookin' all cute on the hanger?
4. Is it see-through? (Annoying ASF if you can see the outline of your bra through it)
5. How many things can I pair this with?

So maybe that's why I'm so indecisive... haha!

Have you ever felt like you needed to completely redo your closet?

How would you describe your personal style as?

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