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Living SURROUNDED by Anxiety.

Gull Lake Getaway

Sometimes, your mind can feel like it's spinning one thousand times faster, and you forget to breathe. It's good to take some time away from it all. Even if that's just for 2 days. As you may not know, Gull Lake is one of those places where I feel completely relaxed, as I have so many childhood memories from there. My family and I go camping here every year, as the water is super clear and shallow almost all the way out. I honestly spent the whole morning (6 am to 11 am!!) wading around from one end of the lake to the other, letting the sound of seagulls, crisp morning air, and low tides wash away my stresses.

Top 10 Beach Bag Essentials

As of tomorrow, I'll be camping by the beach!

I feel like I've been patiently anticipating this road trip, and couldn't be more excited to relax in the sun. For as long as I can remember, camping has been an annual thing in my family, and it's now definitely something I'm grateful to be able to do. There's just something about the coolness of the waves, and coziness of the open flames, that makes it so perfect.

So here are my top 10 beach beauty products that I think are necessities for times out like this! 

The Best Things In Life

Hey guys!

I've decided to do a really light-hearted post today about some of things that make me the happiest in life. I feel like sometimes I can get so caught up in errands and deadlines, that I forget about the little things and how good they make me feel.

When was the last time you pasued for a minute, looked up, and just was grateful for the things around you?

Life With Marshmallow Skies // Collab

Today is a slightly different post, as it's a collaboration with the sweet girl from MARSHMALLOW SKIES BLOG.

We've DMed each other back and forth on Twitter for a bit now, and she is the sweetest person I've talked to so far. This is one reason I love the blogging community- you get to meet so many amazing people, and this little blog is slowly growing! Make sure you're following me HERE and her HERE.

My Summer Bucket List!

I feel like bucket lists can be kind of daunting, as you could think of something like, Travel to 10 different countries but then realize, "How on earth am I going to be able to do this?" But with summer here and all the happy vibes, I thought it was only right to write out a list of things I want to do by the end of summer!

Why Everyone Needs This Dry Shampoo

As I'm a lifestyle blogger, I don't do beauty-type posts all that often. But when I do, it's on a product I 100% love. (Click HERE to see my other beauty related posts) Dry shampoo is my best friend- I'm not going to lie to you there. Since summer is officially here, I'll be reaching for this product more than anything, as I don't want to feel weighed down by my hair.

The Clumsiest Girl In The Universe

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments on my post A Memory From Scent- I love seeing you guys comment about the scents that remind you of your past.

As you may or may not know, I feel like I am the clumsiest person ever. I'm the kind of girl who says sorry to lamp posts if I run into them (anybody else?!) or gets thrown halfway across the hallway in front of everyone. <<< you might want to read this, haha.

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