Why We Shouldn't Compare Ourselves to Social Media's Idea of Perfection

The power of social media can be a bit overwhelming. I know it has been for me.

On any online platform, I see photos of people with countless Victoria's Secret bags, or selfies of people wearing a flawless face of makeup. Following these posts, I've seen comments saying, "Body goals" with 10 heart-eyed emojis, or things like, "She's perfect," "Why can't I look like that?".

Day Dreams & Days Off

It's Sunday, and you know what that means. Sweatpants, tea, books and bubbles. A day to unwind a little and give yourself a good ol' pamper- in true blogger style. However, I'm sure we've all been there: when you're in a sweet, bubble filled bath, and you remember that there were errands or that one essay due by tomorrow.

Can You Outgrow Your Best Friend?

Everyone has their friends, but there are also those 1 or 2 whom you can rely on no matter what. Friends forever right? Well, not always. Something has happened that I feel I need to share with you...

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